evolutionary mindset for leadership

Evolutionary Leaders Prioritize The Greater Good

Leaders in the evolutionary zone demonstrate high levels of conceptual intelligence with the ability to conceptualize (view the wide context or universe) and the courage to embrace the unknown.
Leaders in the evolutionary zone are ethical leaders who prioritize the greater good with intentionality and consciousness) as well, they have an empathetic leadership style and high self-awareness.

Finally, these leaders are highly adaptive, evolving naturally to reach the evolutionary zone.

Conceptual Intelligence: A leader with conceptual ethics prioritizes added value generation, influence on the environment, time management, strategic planning capacity, ability to focus, and a results-first approach.

Leaders with high strategic intelligence have an aptitude for conceptual thinking (logical thought) versus being analytical or operationally focused.

Ethical Leadership: Not all leaders have high ethical intelligence or good moral character, unfortunately.
We all know leaders who say they are focused on the greater good, but actions speak louder than words. Evolving toward love with intentionality is possibly quite rare. High ethics or morality is a little more commonplace but still not a guarantee.

Being focused on the “Greater Good” (whether it be God, charity, the environment, everyone’s health, etc.) is often communicated by leaders of companies but not all are as authentic as we are led to believe.

Many can deceive or exaggerate the truth of what their intentions are. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to assessing morality and ethics.

Empathetic Leadership: Not all leaders have a high level of emotional intelligence or ability to empathize with others, and yet Ey.com reports that 89% of employees agree that empathy leads to better leadership. In addition, EY reports that 90% of US workers believe empathetic leadership leads to higher job satisfaction and 79% agree it decreases employee turnover.

The ability to empathize with others or “feel another person’s experience” is probably the single most important characteristic of a good leader. A leader with high emotional intelligence will be more likely to operate with healthy, reciprocal relationships that result in win-win. They will more likely extend appreciation for diverse opinions, positions, viewpoints, and experiences and be willing to listen, understand and appreciate others.

Adaptability: Adaptable leaders have high self-reflection, outward reflection, and the ability to adapt to change, evolve and grow. Their approach is always results focused and they operate with a “test, measure, reflect, adjust, test, measure, reflect, adjust…(repeating)” modality.

Evolutionary Leadership Qualities: Watch and you will see how leaders show up and their actions will speak the truth about their unified field and way of operating, all indicating how evolutionary they are or not. Here are the top qualities of evolutionary leaders:

A Visionary. Evolutionary leaders are visionaries. They envision the unseen and can think beyond the universe into the ‘wide context’. Their creativity is limitless, taking what we know and don’t know and reflecting on this to come up with new opportunities and possibilities. Their Imagination is high, forming new ideas, images, or concepts of external objects that are not present to the senses. Problem-solving is central to them defining a problem, determining the cause of the problem, and developing alternatives for a solution to the problem.

Focused on the Greater Good. Evolutionary leaders are highly ethical with a high degree of morality and prioritize the greater good over themselves. They see the wide context, the bigger picture, and the long view. They are focused on others and devoid of egotism.

Courageous. Evolutionary leaders have courage and fearlessness. They are open to change and are ok with not controlling everything, in fact, they love delegation and elevating others. They have the courage to be “uncomfortable” and know that change is hard but not changing is fatal.

Teambuilders Not Team-breakers. Evolutionary leaders are always unifying their team versus dividing, segregating, or suppressing. They are focused on problem-solving, encouraging collaboration, and ensuring idea-sharing across all constituencies.

Customer-Centric. Evolutionary leaders have a customer-first, service mindset and view everyone as a customer. Love the customer as your own is their motto and they know that it’s all about relationships.

Inspirational. Evolutionary leaders focus on empowering others versus suppression and are open to failure, encouraging risk-taking, being open-minded, and liberating everyone on the team.

Results Focused. Evolutionary leaders are focused on removing subjectivity, eliminating opinions and biases as well as motivating with rewards for results.

Innovation and growth depend upon evolutionary thinkers and leaders. Evolutionary leaders are needed to drive improvements and impact the greater good.