A Growth Mindset Is NOT Enough, You Need An Evolutionary Mindset

Often people are fixed on the idea of developing a growth mindset, but a growth mindset is not enough. To accelerate innovation and growth and to ensure long-term survival for you, your family, your group, your business, and our society, an evolutionary mindset is needed.

With capacity… you will ask what does this say about me? The people around me? My leadership ability? My ability to grow and evolve? To have a purpose of something greater, for the greater good?

When you view actions and decisions based on the ‘wide context’ and imagine what it will mean in relation to the universe, you can be fearless. You can find the courage to lead us into the unknown.
Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? How do you want to give? What legacy do you want to leave?

The more you embrace the truth, the more you will empower your entity to create a better future and innovate or grow more.

Your time is now. The world will evolve, and the future is LOVE. What will you do?

Please join me on this journey to discover an evolutionary mindset and what it takes to accelerate innovation and growth.

In this blog, I will present my research, my observations, and my findings on how it is best to go about influencing your unified field and others in your environment to maximize success. These topics will range from an introduction to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, the theory on the Science of Evolution for managing business environments, what my view is of evolution including having evolutionary intelligence, building an evolutionary culture or business, and hiring for evolutionary mindset, leadership, marketing, and customer relationship management.

Please feel free to check back often, join me in the conversation, read my book, or contact me to discuss. And may LOVE be with you!