Why Evolutionary Mindset? Why Me?

Looking back on it, when I was young and looking forward… this is not what I had planned but this has been my path. My personal journey has been all about evolution. Even though I didn’t know this until recently, it has now become very evident. I have always been fairly high on the evolutionary mindset spectrum, but just didn’t know, what I didn’t know about evolution.

What I realize is that I probably always had the capacity for key attributes that make up an evolutionary mindset including; self-reflection, empathy, ability to conceptualize as well as high morality, enough to evolve throughout the years and end up where I am today. Which as it turns out, is much further along on the spectrum.

I know this for a few reasons:

  1. A few years ago, I was approached by the evolutionary experts at and asked to participate in their yearlong training program studying mastery in the Science of Evolution (Unicist Theory) for managing adaptive business environments. Before approaching me, apparently, they analyzed my website, social media sites, resume, and background successes and determined that I was very evolutionary (which relates to conceptual intelligence or the ability to conceptualize believed future scenarios and create value-add strategies for growth).
  2. In my own self-analysis of past, present, and future modus operandi, there is much evidence of evolutionary mindset and now that I am fully aware of what an evolutionary mindset, evolutionary intelligence, and the evolutionary approach are, and how to maximize using an evolutionary approach, my speed of evolution (innovation and growth) is now increasing with intentionality.
  3. The old saying “tigers don’t change their stripes” or maybe more common “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it’s hard for one to change their character, even if they “try as they might” or rather, try as I might, I’ve always been this way. If I look back over the years, although I haven’t always been intentional, I unknowingly operated with an evolutionary approach and therefore it is authentically who I am (and the evidence shows).

Before I expand more on my evolutionary journey, let me explain the difference between evolutionary intelligence, evolutionary mindset, and evolutionary approach.

What is Evolutionary Intelligence? (Source: Evolutionary Intelligence – Integral City) evolutionary intelligence is the capacity to transcend and include the intelligence we currently demonstrate, in order to allow new intelligence to emerge. Evolutionary intelligence looks backward at our evolutionary history and forwards to our evolutionary future. It assumes that living conditions will continue to change, and the human species will change and adapt and evolve with such changes.

An evolutionary mindset (Source: From Growth Mindset to Evolutionary Mindset – SHIFT314) means not just saying yes to learning and growing – it means asking, what can I do in the external world?

Evolutionary Mindset (Source: Evolutionary Mindset on is rooted in Purpose and Sustainability. The purpose is about value creation, utility, and well-being for society at large.

What does the evolutionary approach mean? The evolutionary approach uses evolutionary ideas such as adaptation, reproduction, and natural selection as the basis for explaining specific human behaviors.

Now let’s dig in and explore these evolutionary ideas and we will see how advantageous it is to be open to discovering, testing, and evolving our own intelligence, mindset, and approach toward an evolutionary slant.

And so, who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going? What and how has my evolutionary journey taken place? Please allow me to introduce myself through these blog articles and explain more about what all of this means to me, what it should mean to you and how you can adopt an evolutionary approach to accelerate your innovation and growth for success.